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Looking for Adsense Alternatives?

Ad Networks. “A change is as good as rest”, so the saying goes, and sometimes its nice to try something slightly different from the humdrum-day-to-day. And so it is with Adsense. There must be greener grass to be munched upon in the other ad network paddocks? Right? Surely Google hasn’t got the whole market stitched up? hmm…lets see!

Is the grass greener on other ad networks? Lets see...

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Posted by admin - August 24, 2009 at 1:13 am

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Running Multiple Sites with WordPress

Update 20/06/10 WordPress 3 now supports multiple blogs – so this post is for historical purposes only. Long Live WordPress! – I’m going to tell you something and this may absolutely shock you to the core. We’ll actually I’m fibbing. Nobody is surprised by anything these days, and the best I can probably hope for is a half raised eyebrow and vague disinterest. I digress. Here it is anyway… If you are the kind of person who likes to run multiple blogs then I definitely do not recommend that you use WordPress. There, I said it. “But…but…!” I hear you […]

Want to run a multi-blog network? Read on...

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Posted by admin - August 23, 2009 at 10:18 pm

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“Ads, Ads, everywhere!”

Some people seem to think that just because I made an ads theme for WordPress, that I’m automatically in favour of plastering ads on anything and everything on the web. In fact, the reverse is true. I am more in favour of tasteful placement and position. “Hang on a sec”, you say “look at all these ads on this blog…there’s loads of them!” (Actually these are pretend ads, not real, for demo purposes only – Google has rules which prohibit ads on demo sites).

How many ads do you need on your blog? Lets see...

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