Inflatable Party BBQ


We’ve all faced that embarrasing dilemma of trying to cram our 4 burner outdoor kitchen into the glove box of our compact cars. No matter how you grunt, push or shove, that sucker is just not going in there.

Well now your problem is solved. Introducing the Inflatable Party BBQ from Dogdy Products Direct.

Never before has a cooking appliance been so hermetically sealed into such a small space. A space so small that it may in some cases defy the laws of physics and become a miniature black hole, complete with its own event horizon.

This feature is extraordinarily convenient for cleaning up after parties. Just deflate this little beauty, vacuum seal it into its carrying case using the supplied nuclear fusion power vaculator, and then sit back on your deck chair as a worm hole forms in your immediate reality and sucks in all party detriutus, plastic cups, wrapping paper, decorations and garbage, and then spits it out somewhere else in the universe that you don’t care about.  Yes of course this may form a singularity of galactic proportions, but hey, its not in your back yard so its no longer your problem.

This BBQ comes with a lifetime guarantee. We guarantee that your lifetime will be shorter if you use it.

Just yesterday, I dragged this beauty out to the astonishment of my friends, family, and military authorities, and cooked up a storm. Yes the meat may have been cook to perfection beyond crispy and even dogs turned their noses up and howled off to never return, but we all had a good time until uncle Bernie started to sing his signature, “I’ve got my pants on my head” song. It was embarassing, but the Inflatable BBQ just kept on cooking, until everyone decided to move the party on to the hospital casualty department, where we continued to make merry and undergo treatment for third degree burns and food poisoning at the same time. Oh how we laughed.

Where can you get this party starter? Hop on over to Dodgy Products Direct and its all yours.