I’m loving my Membership Site Script

I am in love with a piece of software. It doesn’t happen often, but now that I’ve installed it I am head over heels.

Its not the best looking piece of software in the world. In fact the administration interface some would say is downright homely, but still, its a beauty that shines deep from within.

Affiliate link alert! – This post contains my affiliate link to Amember (cool!)

The software I am talking about is Amember, and I use it to facilitate signups to the HeatMap Insider Forum.

Many of the top WordPress Theme developers also use Amember. Its paid software, and in my opinion worth every penny, as it just makes the whole process of managing things so much easier. I also purchased the add on plugin to hook up PhpBB to Amember and once I had digested the instructions everything just slotted together without a hitch. I was up an running with it within a day, even after making my little customisations.

If you are using HeatMap Theme for more than just monetising your content and are thinking of moving onto selling your own products then I can heartily recommend Amember to you. It just works. I like it when things do that.