Widget Mangler IV – The Rise of Mangolor


Hank Bodget is back in this all action, all expenses paid, goo-fest that is the Widget Mangler Trilogy.

In his usual archaic style Hank swaggers onto the opening scene, widget mangler in hand, and utters his legendary catch phrase, “Got a Widget? Lets Mangle!”, and thats when it all kicks off.

Leaping over tall buildings he mangles his widgets indescrimantely, without warning, or even a ‘by your leave’. Its a rude, impolite, and yet utterly devastating to the senses of callow youths and pensioners alike.

Hank’s sidekick, Potato McSpleen, gushes forth throughout the movie like a rabid sugar glider on cheap hooch and caffeine. Never before have I seen a vertically challenged young man so avidly tearing through widgets and mangling them to perfection, even in spite of their being no restrooms for miles around in the flat barren plains that form the back drop of this disasterous plot in epic proportions.

Love interest you ask? Well yes of course, its the beautifully warted Sassy Goonflap who wrings the life out of the Mangolor character with a wretched gusto that can only be described as adequately deranged with a touch of melancholy. The way she grabs Hank by the widgets, and slowly pulls him close in a passionate embrace while placing both legs over her head is astoundingly both beautiful and ferociously stupid at the same time.

I laughed and threw up in equal measure while watching this movie (sometimes simultaneously).

5 stars, two thumbs up and a packet of Cheese and Onion Crisps

Completely recommended for anyone who usually avoids movie theatres due to personal hygiene issues.